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Santa surprises Mad River Adult Day Care Center

ARCATA - Santa came to pay a visit to the Adult Day Health Care Center at Mad River Hospital. He had quite the exciting entrance and came bearing gifts.

He rode in on his sleigh, which was actually a Harley Davidson motorcycle surprising all the participants, including the staff. He’s been visiting the Adult Day Care for years and says it just warms everyone’s heart when he’s there.

The center has about 54 participants with anywhere from 30 to 40 participants a day. They not only strive to give participants a great Christmas, they also provide help for struggling family members and caregivers.

 “It makes us all feel really good that we're able to bring this to their lives. Because not everybody here has that at home. And we do have people actually that say, that this is the best Christmas that they've had in years, here at Adult Day Care,” Laura Meyer, program director of the center, said.

“I think this is my sixth or seventh year doing this, coming here. My heart's about that big. It's great. It's just a wonderful feeling. I don't know how you'd express what it does for your heart. It's great,” Santa Claus said.