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Scotia Company coming to a close; Community Services District to start accepting transfer of funds and property

SCOTIA- The Scotia Community Services District will start taking over property and funds from the company town as the final process of transferring the company to the district begins.

"It won't be a company town any longer," said Town of Scotia President, Frank Shaw Bacik. The town is one of the last company towns in the nation, where a the individual company owned every piece of property in the town.

The Local Agency Formation Commission is expected to sign a certificate of completion of the process on Monday. In March. the community services district will swear in the elected members of the board, then the board can start to accept funds and property from the company to the community services district.

Bacik said the services district will start to take over services like water and sewer and will take a hold of the town's theater, museum and community forest.

Over the next five years, said Bacik, the company will sell its property and current renters will have the chance to purchase their home. "We want those families to stick around," said Bacik.

The town's school has been sold to the school district, the power plant has been sold and the Mill has been sold to Humboldt Redwood Company. The sell of the remaining property will take place over the next five years and will be sold in five separate phases.

As part of the agreement, the company will start to replace the sewer and storm drain lines that will cost up to $17 million dollars.

Pacific Lumber Company formerly owned the town. The Town of Scotia acquired the town in 2009 following bankruptcy and reorganization procedures.