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Scotia family needs your help after losing their home in fire

SCOTIA- A Scotia family is left to pick up the pieces after a fire destroyed their home early Tuesday morning. 

The Fire Chief of the Scotia Volunteer Fire Department says the last fire to displace a family in Scotia was in 2006.  The time before that was in the 1990’s.  He says the Gaines family is very lucky no one was injured in that fire.

Just before 3 a.m. on Tuesday, Anthony Gaines heard a noise from the back of his home.

“I got up and opened up the door, and to the right of me was just an inferno. It was coming down from the ceiling and everything was on fire," Gaines said.

Gaines then told his wife and daughter to leave, and they told their roommate, Duane Hoy, to get out, too.

"I just opened up the door and looked over and saw fire past the refrigerator, and that's it, I just, that was enough for me and I left," said Hoy.

The Town of Scotia Company is still analyzing the home to see if it can be repaired, but fire officials say it’s more than likely going to have to be demolished.  That would leave Anthony Gaines, his wife Keren Gaines, and their four-year-old daughter I.B. with nothing.

"It was just the most horrible thing ever. I never expected anything like that to happen and I've been feeling really devastated about everything that got lost.  We worked so hard for it and now it's just gone," said Keren Gaines.

I.B.'s birthday was on Monday and she lost all of her birthday presents and all of her Christmas presents.  Her parents say the fire has been very hard on her.

"She keeps saying, 'All my stuff is gone,' and, 'All my toys are gone.'  She's very upset.  She didn't really want to stop by, when she saw the house she thought it was still burning," Keren Gaines said.

But neighbors and other members of the community have been donating clothes and toys to the Gaines family since the fire.

"The clothes I'm wearing. These are my neighbors' clothes.  They've just been awesome in every way you could possibly think of," said Anthony Gaines.

The family would like to thank everyone who has supported them during this time.

Anthony and Keren Gaines say even though virtually everything was lost, they are thankful to be unharmed.

Two neighboring homes suffered minor damage as well.  The cause of the fire is still unknown.

If you would like to donate money to the Gaines family…you can mail it to the Scotia Volunteer Fire Department at P.O. Box 185, Scotia, California, 95565.

Clothes donations can be dropped off at the Scotia Volunteer Fire Department, at 145 Main Street in Scotia.  The men’s sizes should be 32 x 32 pants, 10 for shoes and extra large shirts and jackets.  Women’s sizes should be 8 for pants, 6 for shoes and medium shirts and jackets.  Infant sizes should be 4t pants, 4t jackets, 4t shirts, and 8 for shoes.