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Sea Level Rise Adaptation Project assesses future of shoreline

EUREKA – 75% of Humboldt Bay’s shoreline is artificial, and that is cause for concern with an every-rising sea level.

A Sea Level Rise Adaptation Committee set out four years ago to understand the rising sea level, what it will affect, and what we can do. Monday night, that group is meeting to share its models and maps of future flood risk areas around our bay and discuss strategies to manage the rise.

Areas that may be affected are Highway 101, Eureka’s main water transmission lines, and PG&E gas lines, just to name a few.

“It's important because we need to confront and understand what's at risk and what we can do about it because in California, on the coast, combining county's and cities, there's 76 entities that are going to have to deal with sea level rise and they're all going to be dealing with it at the same time so the sooner we have a plan in place, and a schedule of what we need to do when, the more successful we will be,” Aldaron Laird, adaptation planner for the project, said.