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Search Is Underway For Next HSU President

The search for the next University President of Humboldt State began Monday as community members, faculty and students weighed in on what they want in their next campus leader. More than forty people spoke in front of the California State Chancellor, Board of Trustees and advisory committee.


Community members, faculty and students said in the meeting that they want a President aware of the unique needs of a 'destination university'.


Dorian Romero was one of the handful of students attending the meeting. Romero said it is important that the next President be aware of what a Hispanic Serving Institution, like Humboldt State, means for minority students.


"I think it would be important to have a president to know what that meant for minorities," said Romero.


The next President will succeed Rollin Richmond, who announced he will retire at the end of the school year.


Students said they want a more visible President on campus.


"If [Richmond] does go to a sort of community reception he's there for a second and then leaves. I would like a president that is more present," said Romero.


"There just hasn't been enough accountability and transparency, nor communication from our last president," said Victor Arredondo an associate students representative who spoke at the forum.


The Chancellor, Board, and advisory committee will all review applications for the position. They will spend the next five months reviewing applications and make a finalized list at the end of March.


The board said they will be unable to bring finalists to the university this time, because they fear they will receive fewer applicants because, if they hold high level positions at other institutions, they will be deterred from applying.


Community members said it was important that the Presidential candidates get a feel for the campus.


"I definitely think they need to come to this area. i feel very upset with the process overall. for the candidates. how it's closed," said Arredondo.