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Second Neighborhood Disaster Training workshop held in Eureka

EUREKA- Residents in the Humboldt County area received information on Friday about how to be better prepared during a natural disaster.

Friday was the second Neighborhood Disaster Training Workshop provided by the non-profit organization Area 1 Agency On Aging.  It was held at the office in Eureka on 7th Street.  The workshop focused on ways communities can come together to be better prepared to deal with emergencies.

"In a disaster, the people that live near you are going to be your best help.  So it's worth it, and many of our communities do that, but it's worth it to walk out of your door and say who lives here and who lives there," said Maggie Kraft, the Executive Director of Area 1 Agency On Aging.

Members of the Red Cross were giving out disaster preparedness information at the workshop.  Members of Area 1 Agency On Aging were recruiting Disaster Service Volunteers.  Those volunteers are people to act as liaisons for the agency to make sure the seniors and others who need assistance receive the help they need during a disaster.

"I think if everyone just does what they can that that's what makes a community so I don't really think it's that big of a commitment personally," said Julie Ryan, who signed up to be a Disaster Service Volunteer on Friday.

Disaster Service Volunteers are also designated to try to bring their neighborhoods together to collaborate on a disaster plan for their area.

"I've lived in Humboldt county for almost thirty years and i know that when the roads close down it's up to us to take care of us. We happen to be in a tsunami, flood, fire-zone and earthquake and it's okay to be prepared," said Dot Campbell, who signed up to be a Disaster Service Volunteer.

If you want to learn more about becoming a Disaster Service Volunteer, call the Area 1 Agency On Aging at 442-3763.