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Secretary of State Candidate Alex Padilla visits Eureka

EUREKA- Candidate for Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, met with Humboldt County Democrats Wednesday at a pep rally to discuss his candidacy for the position.

Padilla is a democrat who is currently serving as a California State Senator representing the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. He has spent 15 years as an elected official, where he served as the youngest President of the Los Angeles City Council.

The position is the chief election officer for California, responsible for overseeing the elections in the state. Padilla said he will focus on registering more voters, increase voter turnout and create more government transparency of the process.

Padilla said he will target a portion of the office that normally goes under the radar, the business unit. He said the office is the first place new businesses visit before going to the IRS. He said he will make the process of registering a business in the state a faster by making the registration period one week.

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