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Selection for next Eureka City Manager expected to be made this week

EUREKA- Eureka officials expect the selection for the next City Manager to be made this week.

One local candidate and two from out of the area will be interviewed at a special session at Eureka City Hall on Wednesday morning.  A panel of community members and local city managers will interview the candidates and make their recommendations.  The city council will then interview the candidates.  City officials expect the council to make a selection at that point.  A background investigation will be conducted for the candidate who gets selected and city officials expect the next city manager to begin serving by May.  The Mayor of the City of Eureka, Frank Jager, says he is optimistic that whoever is chosen will do well.

"I would be happy with any one of the three.  I think any one of the three that are in the finalist position would make a good city manager so which ever one we pick I think is going to do fine," said Mayor Jager.