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Senator Mike McGuire visits Humboldt

GARBERVILLE- State Senator Mike McGuire is in Humboldt County for the next few days. The Senator started his North Coast visit at a luncheon for the Garberville-Redway Area Chamber of Commerce. There he talked about reopening state parks, protecting our coastline and potentially banning offshore oil drilling. He also discussed bond money that was secured Wednesday to help fight illegal marijuana grows on state and federal land. Over 2 million dollars of that money will create 11 new positions focused on stopping illegal grows. Senator McGuire said, ”Trespass marijuana grows, the number one source of sediment in Northern California rivers as well as the number one source of nutrient low due to fertilizers in Northern California rivers, so these positions are here to protect the environment throughout Northern California.” The Senator also toured the Humboldt Bay Power Plant Friday to discuss the decommissioning process that’s expected to be completed by 2020.