Senators Feinstein and Wyden introduce Federal Bill for the Klamath

WASHINGTON DC - Federal lawmakers have introduced Klamath Basin legislation to regulate water flows.

California Senator, Dianne Feinstein and Oregon Senator, Ron Wyden are sponsoring the Klamath Water Recovery and Economic Restoration Act.

The bill codifies the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement and the most recent Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement that was reached last year. The bill will authorize the Department of Interior to take action to increase stream flows, provide more water predictability, protect habitats and settle longstanding disputes over water, power and species management.

Feinstein said it is a boon for California and will benefit fishermen, wildlife, farmers, tribes and local communities. Local tribes along the Klamath watershed have not had a chance to see the new bill and will be responding at a later time.