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Seniors enjoy early Thanksgiving dinner

EUREKA - More than 100 seniors enjoyed an early thanksgiving meal today thanks to the salvation army.

“We feel it's our call to serve people. To love people. In coming out and serving people a meal like this, showing them that they're loved. It's just what we're called to do,” Lt. Tim Danielson, of the Salvation Army, said.

Salvation Army volunteers served up turkey, stuffing, handmade rolls and pumpkin pie, completely free of charge, to the senior residents of the nearby Silvercrest Building in Eureka. The meals were made possible by donations from the community and money brought in from kettle drives.

“We're glad to do it because it helps us give back to the community. We're more of a conduit. The community gives through us and we're able to give back to others,” Lt. Danielson said.

This is a busy season for the Salvation Army with kettle drives and holiday events. Volunteers will serve a similar meal for seniors on the Monday before Christmas.