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Sequoia Park Zoo animals celebrate Christmas

EUREKA - Animals at Sequoia Park Zoo were celebrating Christmas this morning right along with many others across the nation.

"They just got their Christmas treats, so they got presents, that are filled with popcorn and dried fruit. Also got some streamers and some stuffed animals. And this is all just stuff we do to keep them mentally and physically stimulated,” Camden Bruner, a Zoo Keeper, explained.

Zoo staff makes sure to celebrate all the holidays with the animals, but Christmas is extra special. The animals got presents wrapped and decorated by local elementary school students plus treats and Christmas decorations in their cages. The Zoo was open for a portion of the morning and afternoon and saw several hundred people passing through, observing the animals celebrating this holiday.

“Zoo keepers are here 365 days a year, obviously to take care of the animals so it's kind of nice just to have the zoo open today. A lot of families are looking for an activity mid-day and its pretty fun to come celebrate the day with the animals and watch them enjoy their treats,” Bruner said.