Sequoia Park Zoo reveals name of baby red panda

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EUREKA- The baby red panda at the Sequoia Park Zoo has a name and it means "foggy" in Chinese. Mohu is her name and it was announced Wednesday by the contestant winner, Eureka's City Council Member Melinda Ciarabellini. Mohu was born on Father's Day and weighed just four ounces.
When the winner was announced last week there were certain naming guidelines set by the zoo. The name had to either reflect a place where wild panda habitats exist or reflect a meaningful name associated with the community or culture. Ciarabellini and her two grandsons said it took them up to the very last day to finally decide on a name, but feel the name is perfect for the North Coast. 
“Mohu seemed to be something that rolls right off your tongue," said Ciarabellini.”
Zoo staff said the raffle raised $2,200 dollars and 10 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Panda Network. Zoo officials will present the check to the Red Panda Network on Sept. 29 and will also have a free day at the Sequoia Park Zoo to celebrate International Red Panda Day. The remaining proceeds will go to the Watershed Heroes project that is currently under construction.