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Set 'SMART' New Year's resolutions this year

EUREKA- With those new years resolutions, many Americans will set goals to live healthier and resolve to hit the gym more. But local health experts say before making that commitment make sure you're choosing a 'SMART' new years goal.

'SMART' stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive goals. Health experts say you should state in a positive manner what you would like to accomplish. Set a goal that can be measured and realistically achieved. Also, set a date for when you want to see this change by. Goals that are too high or can't be measured can often cause one to fail.

"I would say the number one goal, NY resolution that people make would be to lose weight, and they get on the right track, and then it kind of peters out after a while," said Kaylee Townsend, employee health coordinator with St. Joseph Hospital.  "But I think that sticking with it and having a specific date and time of knowing when you want to lose the weight by, I think that helps people reach their goals a little bit easier."