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Several interpretive signs vandalized at the Arcata Marsh

ARCATA - Over the past two weeks interpretive signs at the Arcata Marsh have been vandalized and friends of the marsh want it to stop.

Six of the Marsh’s interpretive signs have deep cuts in them from a knife or sharp object and the damage is unrepairable; unlike graffiti which can usually be removed.

the Center says, the signs will have to be completely replaced, but they don't see the funding for that happening anytime soon. The signs cost over $400 dollars each and it would cost thousands to replace them.  

"We did spend a lot of time and effort and grant funding. The city of Arcata and friends of the Arcata Marsh put a lot of money into these signs to help interpret all of the restoration and wildlife that's here to offer to the public and all that information is now defaced. So, it's a little disheartening that someone would do that," said Gretchen O’Brien, Interpretive Naturalist at the Arcata Marsh.

A $250 reward is being offered to anyone with information leading to a conviction of these crimes. You can call the Arcata Police Department and speak with Park Ranger, Heidi Groszmann.