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SFO construction to cause delays at Arcata/Eureka Airport

MCKINLEYVILLE- Passengers flying out of the Arcata/Eureka airport to San Francisco International can expect delays over the summer. Construction began on Saturday reducing the amount of available runways at SFO.

ACV has already experienced some delays due to construction. "We have been slightly delayed but no cancellations so far," said Emily Jacobs, Program Coordinator at the Arcata/Eureka Airport.

Departing runways are closed as mandatory safety improvements are made to the runway. The closure is scheduled to be in place until the end of summer.

Jacobs said most flights out of the area are headed toward San Francisco. She said travelers can expect delays to be as little as 15 minutes or as much as an hour and a half.

Leslie Newburn's flight was delayed on Monday, she was traveling to Los Angeles and had a layover at SFO. She said she was expecting to miss her connecting flight, but said she did not think she would be stranded for too long.

"They fly to L.A. from San Francisco every hour practically," she said. "I'm not very worried"

Jacobs said travelers should plan ahead, and schedule a long layover at SFO so they do not miss a flight. "So bring an extra book bring your patience," she said.