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Shasta man arrested after allegedly brandishing firearm in Eureka

EUREKA- A Shasta man was taken into custody in Eureka after allegedly brandishing a handgun.

Officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to a vacant lot near 3rd Street and A Street before 9 a.m. on Wednesday for a report of a disturbance.  There, officers learned there was an argument between two men, including 18-year-old Vanya Hummel.  Police say Hummel pulled out a concealed handgun and pointed it the other man in the argument. A group of bystanders then overpowered Hummel and took the gun away.  Authorities say Hummel told the bystanders it was only a BB-gun. Officials say a female bystander, Ana Cox, then shot the weapon at the ground to confirm Hummel’s statement, and an actual bullet was fired. She told News Channel 3 why she and others took matters into their own hands.

"I looked and I alerted someone else in the crowd to call the police, and at that point, it was do what you had to do to secure the scene and situation before anyone else got hurt, because he obviously wasn't caring enough that he was going to point it at somebody just because it was his choice.  It wasn't like he was a danger to him or anything.  And he stood in between me and my son with a gun.  Any mother in their right mind would do the same thing, hopefully, so I just did what I had to do," said Cox, who lives in Eureka.

Hummel was booked into the Humboldt County Jail for possession of a concealed and loaded firearm. Authorities determined the weapon in the incident was a 40 caliber pistol.