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Sheriff's Department rescues stranded driver

 A woman driving a remote road on Kneeland got stuck in mud and was rescued by Sheriff’s helicopter.

Thirty three year old Maggie Sylvies was giving a ride to a friend around 9:30 pm March 9th and en route got stuck in heavy mud near the Iaqua Conservation Easement on Shower’s Pass Road on the backside in Kneeland. With very low power on her cell phone, she texted her sister who was able to call the Sheriff’s Department and deputies started a drive search. A helicopter from Redding was also dispatched in the search and they ultimately found the vehicle march 10th around 1 pm. Deputies assisted Sylvies and a passenger get her car out and on the road again.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public to tell family and friends where they are going, and the expected return time. Also, have warm clothing and a charged cell phone with GPS if possible. Cold weather this time of year can cause bodily harm and even death if a traveler is unprepared.