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Skywest to bring larger planes into Arcata-Eureka Airport

MCKINLEYVILLE- Skywest has announced that they will transition their fleet, bringing larger planes into the Arcata-Eureka Airport and other airfields. The larger planes could start landing into ACV as soon as January said Emily Jacobs, the program coordinator for the airport.

The company will replace their 30 seat planes, with a larger 50 seat aircraft. The flights will seat more passengers, be more fuel efficient and reduce congestion at larger airports. The new jets will be more comfortable and be quieter, Jacobs said.

The number of flights going into and out of the airport is expected to reduce, but Jacobs said the same amount of seats overall is not expected to change.

Skywest is the company that United Airlines contracts with for planes. Jacobs said she hopes the change will encourage local travelers to utilize the airport and prove to other airliners that ACV can handle larger aircrafts.