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Slight uptick in unemployment rates for Humboldt County

HUMBOLDT COUNTY - Results are in for Humboldt County's November employment rates, and unemployment is slightly up. Unemployment went from 6.6% in October to 6.9% in November.

But, data analysts are saying this is typical for this time of year. In comparison to previous years, the November numbers are standard. During the summer and fall months we tend to see a shedding of seasonal jobs such as construction, mining, and logging. Weather may have also played a part in this. And in comparison to nearby counties, our numbers are average as well.

“We're right in the middle of the pack. Even with the slight uptick, we're 22 out of 58 counties. Marin County has the lowest unemployment at 3.9% and Imperial County has the highest at 22.6%. So, we really come in at the middle of the pack. In relation to the surrounding counties, we're doing relatively better as far as the unemployment rate. Most of the other counties have higher unemployment than Humboldt County does,” Randy Weaver, with the Eureka Job Market, said.