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Socks for Soldiers sends thousands of care packages to soldiers deployed overseas

EUREKA- What started out as a single care-package has turned into over 32,000. Dozens of volunteers dedicate their time to “Socks for Soldiers,” an organization that sends boxes filled with items from home to soldiers who are deployed overseas, 
"We fundraise throughout the year. We have local businesses and donors that help us and then we of course have to buy all of the product and get it here so that we can have our own little factory."
Community members, veterans, family, and friends all come together for one goal, to give our soldiers a little taste of home for the holidays,
"We usually do this for about five or six days for one week. We are here for probably eight hours a day."
And it all started with a simple request from Paulette Gilliam's son, who was serving in Iraq and needed a new pair of socks, something veteran Gary Cooper understands,
"When you are standing on your feet, walking on your feet carrying 75 pounds of gear it is really important to take care of your feet because if your feet are not taken care of you can not perform your mission."
Cooper was one of the thousands of soldiers who received one of the care-packages.  He was deployed twice, once in 2003 to Iraq and a second time in 2012 to Afghanistan. And the second deployment he said was the hardest because he had to leave behind his children,
"My first deployment I was married, I did not have kids and I missed her but as adults we deal with separation a little easier but with the kids in this last one it just really tears your heartstrings apart," said Cooper.
Deedee Kornman’s son Rawley Kornman is a Navy Corpsman and was deployed for the second time to Afghanistan in September, and said this is her way of giving him a little piece of home, 
"I can not make his day better, I can not make his day go more quickly, I can not contribute in any of those ways that parents who are in the same town as their child can help, and so this is something that we can do. I got to put the items in the exact box that will be going to him.”
Organizer Kimberly Frick said, “Every year we receive thank you letters from the soldiers. It is just amazing what they actually write to us, they are thankful for even the smallest things."
Kornman adds, “I do not care who opens it, that is going to be a person whose happy for a few minutes knowing that somebody here is going to be thinking about him or her."