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Solatube lights up homes, saves energy

EUREKA- It’s an easy and affordable way to light your house without using energy and it was invented nearly 20 years ago.

“A traditional skylight is a 2 ft wide 4 ft high. They let in a lot of light, but you also have to build the well, frame it in, insulate it, sheet rock it, tape it, texture it, paint it, all these arduous tasks and then, keep it clean. These are things that you can avoid by having a sealed tube,” said John Mielke, owner of the building company.

Like the solatube.

John Mielke has been installing Solatubes since 1995, giving residents across the north coast an affordable and more efficient way to light their homes.

“Say a bathroom without a window; you come in and turn the light on every day and even the light's on now. That's one of the signs that you probably need some natural light is if there's a light on during the day in your home, then that part of your home could probably use some natural light. And a simple application is just put a skylight, a Solatube right there,” Mielke said.

The secret of the Solatube is its simplicity. It’s basic components: a dome, waterproofing flash, tube and diffuser all come in a simple kit.

It takes two hours to install and requires little structural adjustments. And of course, it’s eco friendly, helping save energy in those places of your house that need light the most.

“In fact, natural light is the preferred lighting in your home,” Mielke said. “Mostly you're not using electricity. That's probably your big benefit, that you don't have to use electricity to light your house during the day.”