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Some North Coast residents filing taxes at last minute

April 15th is tax day, which brings with it the annual scramble to file returns in time.

We caught up with people on the North Coast who were at the post office for some last minute tax filing. The people we talked to say waiting till the last minute isn’t always a bad thing. 

"Procrastination.  Everything is done but I just had to fill out the boxes.  Everything was done, including the calculations and everything.  So I just had to fill all the blanks," said Elso Legey, a Eureka resident.

"It's just pretty easy for me to do so I just wait until the last minute, fill it out and send it in," said James Garrett, who lives in Eureka.

"You can still get things done even if you do things at the last minute.  You can still accomplish something," said Andrea Fritz, who lives in Eureka.