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Some North Coast residents plan to watch Jay Leno's last night as host of The Tonight Show

Tonight, Jay Leno is saying goodbye to the “Tonight Show,” a job he has held for 22 years.

Despite being number 1 in the ratings for the last 17 years, the host of the Tonight Show is stepping down.  He is the only person to host the Tonight Show since Johnny Carson was the host.  Thirty-nine year old Jimmy Fallon will be his replacement.  We talked to people on the North Coast to see if they are going to watch Jay Leno’s big finale.  Which will air tonight on News Channel 3 at 11:34 p.m.

"Yeah, I'm going to watch it.  I try to watch Jay whenever I get the chance and I don't have to work early the next morning.  And he's just been around so long, he's just kind of been a part of the American story these days," said Eric Banko, who lives in Eureka.

"I may check it out just to see the end and see what he does.  Maybe something crazy will happen on the last show," said Stacey Baskette.

"I think I will.  I always like to watch the last ones when they go out and that type of thing and it's always fun to watch and they usually have a pretty good show," said Jim Reents, who lives in Eureka.