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South Fork High School modernization project underway

MIRANDA- South Fork High School is getting a makeover.

“We’ve taken our wings down to bare framing, repaired any rot or anything like that and we're building all new classrooms with new insulation, heating, data, electrical, water,” said project manager Nick Boyd. “Everything will be brand new when the kids come back next year.”

The construction is a result of Measure L, approved by voters in 2010. That measure gave the school district a $25 million bond to make improvements and construct a new junior high school, Miranda Junior High. 

The junior high has already been completed and the construction has since begun on the high school’s B wing. While those improvements are underway, some high school classes have been temporarily moved to classrooms in the new junior high school for the remainder of the school year.

“This is something the community had wanted for a while, to reestablish a Junior High School for 7th and 8th graders so they felt a belonging, and the buildings really did need to be modernized,” said South Fork High School Principal Lisa Gray.

Miranda Junior High School includes six classrooms and one science lab; all of which are fully equipped with new technology. “I'm really excited to see what the kids' reactions are going to be, what the students think when they walk on and see just beautiful new buildings that they're going to get to have classes in,” Gray said.

The high school’s B and C wings will be completely gutted and remodeled to resemble the new junior high classrooms.

“It's going to be a big boost for our school,” Boyd said. “I think the kids next year are really going to enjoy this. They already enjoy the new school, so when they come back next year to this one it will be all brand new just like that one so I think they'll really like it.”

Because the improvements must be completed by the fall, this year students have had to adjust to learning in a construction zone.

“Sometimes the challenges have been the noise like if you have jack hammering going on and we've got classes in session,” Gray said. “It took a little getting used to but we're a small school and they're very good at kind of just doing what they need to do.”

With school starting September 2nd, crews will be working all summer to complete the buildings on time.

“People are working really hard to make it happen,” Gray said. “The crews are out here every single day working hard, getting us ready to open school September 2nd so we're very excited. It's going to be a very busy summer around here.”