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Southern Humboldt Bus System to continue services in Garberville, Miranda

SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT- The Southern Humboldt Bus System will see another year of service. Officials with the Humboldt Transit Authority say the system generated ten percent of its $130,000 operating cost this year

Every bus system in the county must generate at least 10 percent of its operating cost in fares by its fourth year of existence. With the remaining 90 percent subsidized through the county. If the system doesn’t generate the ten percent however, the bus line will stop running.

The Southern Humboldt Bus System is in its fourth year and has reached the ten percent mark for the first time. Officials say they had to change routes and times, and push mass transit education in order to encourage citizens to ride the bus and raise the funds. If the bus system had not generated the ten percent of funds, it would have been in jeopardy of stopping services.

For nearly 1,000 passengers that use the system each month, the bus system reaching ten percent means another guaranteed year of service from Garberville to Miranda.

“The most important thing is that people just don't, they're not satisfied with just 10 percent,” said Greg Pratt, general manager of the Humboldt Transit Authority. “You know we want to make this a viable system because if it does go away, it would be very difficult to get it back.”