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Southern Humboldt residents address drugs, crime at town hall meeting

REDWAY- Six months after an outcry for better law enforcement coverage in Southern Humboldt, citizens say they are willing to work together to help save their community.

Thursday night Southern Humboldt residents filled the Redway Elementary School gymnasium for the second-ever town hall meeting. At the meeting, both sheriff's and CHP officials were present, along with District Attorney Maggie Fleming and County Supervisor Estelle Fennell.

Some of the main topics discussed: rampant drug abuse across the community, the lack of bathroom and hygiene options for the homeless and the up-tick of crime, especially home invasions within the community. Although citizens still haven't drastically improved from the last meeting, many look forward to working towards a solution.

"On our streets nothing has changed," Miranda Resident Debra Carey said. "We still don't have any place for people to be safe, warm and dry. And people are still, there's no place for people to go to the bathroom, we have no shelter, so we're still struggling in this community and we're working on that. That's what I hope we're going to do is work that out in this community."