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Special Education Day recognizes anniversary of IDEA

EUREKA - December 2 is nationally recognized as Special Education Day remembering an act passed in 1975.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, signed by President Gerald Ford, mandates all students with disabilities receive a free, appropriate, and public education.

The act opened classroom doors to many children who previously had been excluded.

Here in Humboldt County, every school provides some level of special education resources.

Glen Paul School in Eureka specializes in disabilities, serving ages three through 22 with moderate to severe disabilities.

The principal of Glen Paul says the act is something we, in the United States, are lucky to have.

“I think it really just changed education as we know it. It was very meaningful for us last year when we had a group of doctors from Russia come and to see their perspective because the education system does not include special needs kids. So, for us, it was really revealing to see how it would be if this law wasn't passed. Schools like this wouldn't exist,” Tess Ives, Glen Paul School principal, said.