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Special meeting held for Eureka 2040 General Plan Update

EUREKA- The City of Eureka continues to outline its goals for the next 25 years.

On Tuesday night, the Eureka City Council and Planning Commission held a special joint study session for the 2040 General Plan Update. Staff established some broad goals for the city, including improving pedestrian and bicycle safety moving forward.  Staff also identified some actions that need to be taken, including evaluating the current number of coastal dependent industrial parcels of land to possibly reduce them, and determining if the city should acquire any of the 11 proposed areas of annexation. Also, staff discussed potential changes to land use in the city.

"That's the goal of the general plan is to make the city a better place, a better retail center and a better place to live and parks and recreation.  We want the city to be a safe place to live and a great place to live and a great place to shop and that's really one of the main goals of the general plan is to make eureka an even better place than it already is," said Rob Holmlund, the Director of Community Development and Economic Development for the City of Eureka.

The state mandated General Plan Update will be complete in September of 2016.