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Special Series Preview: Armed and Dangerous

EUREKA - In light of Saturday morning’s homicide and other crimes involving firearms, plus the onset of this years hunting season, we’ve taken a closer look at guns.

Both guns involved in crime but also guns owned legally.

It’s a tricky topic. Owning a gun is part of our constitution. It’s a fundamental right. And for many, an integral part of life.

There are legitimate reasons to own guns: for hunting, for competitive shooting, and even for self-defense. But too often, we hear of gun violence. So where have we gone wrong? My conversations with police and politicians point to a major reason being loopholes in the law. Criminals are able to get their hands on guns illegally, and that perpetuates the crime we so often report on.

“There’s two ways to get guns illegally. One is a straw purchase where you have somebody else purchase it for you or they’ll purchase a bunch of guns and then they’ll sell it to you. In fact, when you go to gun shows, you’ll see the straw purchases taking place out in the parking lot for people who are unable to purchase guns otherwise. The other way to get them is by stealing them,” Chief Andy Mills, from the Eureka Police Department, said.

Law enforcement adds that many of the firearms they take from crime scenes are not registered to the person that used them. Tune in Tuesday at six and eleven for part one of this special series: Armed and Dangerous: Guns on the Street and In Your Home.