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St. Bernard's Catholic School makes plans to help students mourn

EUREKA- Administrators at St. Bernard's Catholic School are preparing to help students deal with the grief of loosing Rev. Eric Freed on Wednesday. Freed was an advisor to the Catholic school and was the priest to many of the students.

"Students like us are heartbroken, hurt," said St. Bernard's Dean, Paul Shanahan. 

Freed led First Reconciliation for students, organized the student's retreat for First Communion, and led Baccalaureate Mass for seniors. Over 300 students attend St. Bernard's school from Preschool to 12th Grade.

"I think our students are hurt and like the rest of our community. Completely surprised that this could happen so close to home," said Shanahan.

Students were expected to come back to school from Christmas break on Jan. 6th, but administrators have canceled school to let students attend the funeral at Sacred Heart Church.

The following day the school's priest and counselors will help students who are dealing with grief.

"Tuesday we will gather as a family at school," said Shanahan. Students will be able to share stories and memories in class about Freed.

Shanahan hopes to spread Freed's philosophy to students. "For us we're going into unknown territory so we have to hold onto that hope," said Shanahan.