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St. Bernards welcomes a crane

It’s something you don’t see everyday. a crane that can reach 50-feet high being stuffed into an historical church.

But that’s what happened this morning as construction workers delicately fit the crane through the front door of St. Bernard's church. Church authorities said it was a sprinkler system that will be installed over the next couple of months. Getting something that big and unwieldy into a delicate landmark building took some doing. Rick Hornsby of O & M Industries was an artist

of control nimbly moving the crane through the door; four thousand pounds of steel in an unbalanced gangly crane form. It takes an experienced heavy equipment operator to move within inches of delicate historical architecture without getting a jittery hand. It was a smooth operation from beginning to end.

St. Bernards officials hope to have the sprinkler system in and operational by March 4th.