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Stage 2 water emergency underway in Fortuna

FORTUNA- The city of Fortuna entered day two of a declared water emergency Wednesday.

City Council members voted to enact a stage 2 water emergency under the city’s new water contingency plan at their meeting Monday. As part of the stage 2 classification, residents are being asked to make conscious conservation efforts. They are restricted from washing down sidewalks or driveways, washing cars without a shutoff nozzle or using an unattended sprinkler system to water landscapes outside the hours of 12 AM to 6 AM.

Because the stage two emergency measures are still new to residents, city officials say they will be trying to actively educate the public about what the emergency and the plan.

“It’s making people aware that we have a drought,” said Mayor Douglas Strehl. “And this year Fortuna's water supply comes from wells and it hasn't affected our wells yet but it possibly could with big storms this winter. So this way, everybody will understand when we get into the different levels.”