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State Controller candidate campaigns on North Coast

EUREKA - Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin visited the North Coast Thursday campaigning to be California’s next State Controller.

Swearengin has been the Mayor of Fresno for the last six years where she has learned, first hand, the work it takes to turn finances around. She says she’s concerned about the direction of our state when it comes to outstanding liabilities and indebtedness and wants to see better financial health and more economic development.

Swearengin is running against Betty Yee, currently a state Board of Equalization member.

If elected State Controller, Swearengin says she has three priorities:

“Number one, the fiscal health of this state. Not just having one good budget year but really spending the next 20 years making sure we address the long term outstanding liabilities that we have as a state so we don't leave that behind for the next generation. Number two, economic development and job creation. Doing what we can as a state to provide the platform for small businesses and others to compete and create jobs for our residents. And then lastly, the State Controller's office itself needs some cleaning up. It needs some watching. It's supposed to be the watchdog of the treasury but the State Auditor found that there were some very significant problems going on in the State Controller's office and we have to step in and address those things right away,” Mayor Swearengin said.