State Democrats offer alternative prison plan

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There are new plans for reducing prison inmates, Senate President Darrell Steinberg and his fellow senate democrats have unveiled their version today. However, they are breaking ranks with the governor and the rest of the legislature, who offered their own plan on Tuesday.
Both plans address the federal court order requiring the state to reduce its prison population by nearly 10,000 inmates by the end of the year. But, Steinberg and company unveiled their proposal and they want the governor to negotiate an agreement with prison lawyers to extend the reduction deadline by three years, and then present that plan to the federal court. Steinberg said, ”the governor’s plan contains no hope nor promise. It spends $715 million on building more prison space. By definition, it does nothing to change the nearly 70 percent revolving-door rate that brings people once inevitable released back into state prison.”
The governor issued a statement today in regards to Steinberg’s plan that “it would not be responsible to turn over California’s criminal justice policy to inmate lawyers who are not accountable to the people.” Inmate lawyers also released a statement today, saying they’re open to an extension of the reduction date.
It is not known whether the courts would sign off on an extension even if the plaintiffs agree to one.