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State officials: California beaches are safe from radiation

Headlines on social media have stated the Fukushima incident has caused dangerous levels of radiation to arrive on California’s shores.  Lawmakers have responded.

"Our goal here is to get the California Department of Public Health to have good information, updated information about what the levels of radioactivity are and reassuring the public that it is safe,” said Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont.

He said that this week about the California State Government’s level of communication with the public about raised radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean caused by the Fukushima incident.  The California Department of Public Health sent News Channel 3 a press release stating there is no public health risk due to radioactivity related events in Fukushima. They report they have no data to prove the presence of elevated radioactivity on California shores due to the Fukushima incident.  They also report recently found higher levels of radiation at half moon bay are due to naturally occurring materials.