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State Senator Mike McGuire meets with North Coast leaders, business owners

EUREKA- State Senator Mike McGuire is back on the North Coast Friday talking with local leaders and business owners about prominent problems our communities face.

The senator's first stop Friday morning was Eureka's Chamber of Commerce. There, he spoke with small business owners at a roundtable discussion. As part of that conversation, the group addressed several problems in eureka including crime, mental health, drug abuse, harbor utilization, difficulties recruiting doctors to the area and more.  McGuire says along with helping small business owners, this meeting has spurred many priorities.

"We are going to start developing a strategy for mental and behavioral health here in eureka and in Humboldt County," Senator McGuire said. "That's going to be working with the county itself.. Small business owners, along with health and human services from the county of Humboldt and the state is becoming much more engaged on that. Two is the issue of marijuana. There will be a recreational use initiative being pushed by marijuana advocates from Southern California and we need to be able to  develop a north coast priority piece of legislation and we're going to be advancing that later this month. "

Later in the day McGuire visited with Sheriff Downey, D.A. Maggie Fleming and superior court judges to address crime and law enforcement. This evening he will sit down with representatives from Caltrans and State Parks to discuss a priority bypass route for the Last Chance Grade.