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Statement of Eureka Council's support of Measure Q to be on November ballot

EUREKA- At Tuesday night’s special Eureka City Council meeting, members filed a motion to add an argument in favor of Measure Q on the November ballot.

Measure Q would extend Measure O, which is currently set to expire in June of 2016, another 5 years to 2021. Under Measure O, ½ of a percent of a sale is added to the sales tax. That extra money then goes to emergency services, street maintenance, and parks and recreation departments among other services. Tuesday night, council unanimously approved putting a statement supporting Measure Q on the November ballot, to be signed by all council members. 

“The council understands with the extremely tight budgets the city has faced in the last several years, even with Measure O, that it’s vitally important to extend this tax for another several years to help maintain critical city services,” said Greg Sparks, the Eureka City Manager.