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Storm could delay departure of cargo ship carrying wood chips to China

SAMOA- The upcoming storm could also delay a cargo ship departure which some say would boost our local economy.

The Crimson Polaris docked at the California Redwood Company Chip Dock on Friday. This 650’ long ship will deliver 50,000 tons of wood chips to a pulp mill in China. This is the second shipment to china this year, and company officials hope to make 3 more shipments next year. Ever since the closure of the pulp mills in Samoa, the wood chip market has not been as strong on the North Coast. Green Diamond Resource Company officials say this shipment, which was originally expected to leave for China on Wednesday morning, will benefit the local economy.

"The chips that we have here which are going overseas formally went...owners who provide the logs to those mills so the value that we get here will be passed back upstream into the land owners' pockets," said Neal Ewald, the Senior Vice President of California Operations for Green Diamond Resource Company.