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Street Tree Campaign returns to Eureka

EUREKA- If you live in Eureka you may have seen them increase in number over years. There are now 700 street trees planted throughout the city and in two weeks, there will be 25 more.

Keep Eureka Beautiful is starting their Street Tree Campaign, offering residents the chance to plant trees in their front yards.

We plant street trees because we want eureka to be a city of tree-lined streets,” said Jean Gladstone, president of Keep Eureka Beautiful. “We know that trees improve the livability of a neighborhood, they filter water, they clean the water that goes into our streams and rivers and oceans.”

Street trees also lead to cleaner air, by extracting pollutants and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. But street trees don't only just help the environment, they help ward off crime. 

“It’s part of the broken window theory. It's proven that if a neighborhood is taken care of and pretty, like with trees and that kind of thing, if criminals know that a property is being taken care of, they're much less likely to interfere with it,” Gladstone said.

The Street Tree Campaign provides full service planting to residents for $75. The organization purchases the trees from Pierson’s Building Center at a reduced cost and pays the city $25 per tree to help cover the costs of creating planting spaces in the sidewalk.

“We got involved with Keep Eureka Beautiful project just because it just adds so much to a city to have the shade trees and it just really beautifies the place and I think it is a great thing for our community,” said Lydia Rieman manager of Pierson Building Center’s Garden Shop.

Keep Eureka Beautiful will begin planting the trees on October 25th and say they would like to ultimately see trees on every street in Eureka.

“I hope that it will continue and that we'll get more and more trees throughout the years,” Rieman said. “It’s just a great benefit for us all. It beautifies the area and makes people happier.”

Eureka residents who want a tree in front of their house can contact Keep Eureka Beautiful at 707-444-8147 or at

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