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Students displaced after tree crashes into Campus Apartments at HSU

ARCATA - A large portion of a redwood tree broke off and damaged an HSU apartment building displacing students early Monday morning.

Just before 1 am, high winds brought down sections of a large redwood tree onto the Campus Apartments. There were no injuries but significant damage to the roof and third story. Authorities say the damage does not appear to have affected the structural integrity of the building.

202 students from the apartments were evacuated and  moved to the West Gym. Cots and access to showers were  provided as well as free meals. Professors worked with the displaced individuals so they didn't get behind in their classes. Work progressed very well Monday afternoon and students were able to begin moving back into their rooms after 7 pm. Three apartments however, have extensive damage and occupants of those rooms will be moved to other housing on campus until repairs are finished.