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Students introduced to jazz music through Jazz Fest

EUREKA- Hundreds of students sat and danced in their seats as they listened to jazz music inside the Eureka Municipal Auditorium on Friday. The event was put on for students by the Redwood Coast Jazz Festival to introduce them to the American style of music.

"If we don't get the young people to like [jazz] and learn how to play it, it will eventually die out," said Lynn McKenna, the President of the festival.

The Jazz Festival has been in Humboldt County for 24 years, and have put on an event for students for 21 of those years. McKenna said many students have never heard jazz before or have seen it play live.

Arcata Elementary Student, Will Moss said he had never heard jazz before today and said he liked it. "I guess now I do," he said.

"Jazz plays such a large part in the history of dance and music in America and all over the world and I think it's a great exposure for the kids to have," said Julie Ryman, a dance teacher at Arcata Elementary School who has been teaching jazz style of dance to students.