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Students learn about Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy

MANILA-  Redwood Coast Montessori students learned about Martin Luther King Jr. from community members who have lived through and seen the civil rights movement first hand. Members of Veterans For Peace sat with students today to help teach students about the importance of the leaders work.

"I have a dream," read 4th Grader Toshi Ozawa in front of his classmates.

"I know that he was a very kind man and that it was very sad when he died," said Ozawa.

Redwood Coast Montessori founder and teacher Terri Vromon Little said it was important for her to teach students that life used to be very different for African American students.

"The message that we're trying to help them understand is that they have things pretty good right now," said Little.

Chair of Veterans For Peace, John Mulloy, was a part of the civil right movement and worked with major leaders in the group. "He wasn't just a man who happened to be assassinated he was deeply connected to the whole community of mankind," said Mulloy.

"He wanted to make everything right and he wanted to make everyone have equal rights," said Luan Scrivener, a 4th grader who delivered a presentation on King.