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Students protest at HSU Native American Forum

ARCATA - After two days of the Native American Activism Conference, a group of 30 students decided to form a sit-in Monday night at the Native Forum on HSU campus.

The group demonstrated their growing concerns related to diversity and last fall’s departure of the director of Indian Natural Resource, Science and Engineering Program. As of Tuesday afternoon, protesters were still located in the forum. The HSU Chief of Police spoke with the group and has been involved with their open discussions. He said, there will be no arrests made for letting students have a voice and speak what is on their minds.

 “I guess technically, we could have gone in there and issued trespass warnings; but it's nobody’s desire to do that. There's obviously some dialogue that does need to take place. They have some issues that they want to discuss and that's underway right now. And I don't think arrests or any type of repression of their speech or their ideas is going to really help resolve the issue” said HSU Chief of Police, Donn Peterson.