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Suddenlink drops Viacom channels

NORTH COAST- If you’re a Suddenlink customer, you may have noticed some channels missing. The company’s contract with Viacom was discontinued as of Tuesday night.

More than 20 Viacom channels, like MTV and Comedy Central have been taken off Suddenlink and have been replaced by other ones.  Suddenlink representatives say Viacom is raising the price of their channel package by 50 percent and Suddenlink is not willing to pay that rate.  Viacom did not accept any of Suddenlinks’ offers for lower prices and is refusing to sell individual channels or smaller packages. On Friday, Suddenlink officials explained to us why they chose not to the higher rates.

"Some of the ratings we had seen had gone down as much as 30 percent.  So to have the demands that they were making have the increases in the price we pay just did not seem at all consistent with what we should be doing to serve our customers properly," said Gene Regan, the Senior Director for Corporate Communications for Suddenlink.

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