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Sue Long becomes next mayor of Fortuna

FORTUNA- The City of Fortuna is now under new direction, the city council voted last night to make Sue Long the next mayor. Long took over the mayor’s seat after a unanimous vote. She has been a council member for four years and was re-elected in November to serve four more. Mayor Long says she is excited about next year, but there’s a lot to do, with $43 million worth of projects in the works for the city.

Along with the mayor position, the council also agreed upon a new mayor pro-tem, unanimously voting Tami Trent into the role. Also last night, two new faces were sworn in on the council. Tiara Brown and Linda Gardener take the place of Dean Glaser and Mike Losey.

“I think we have a lot of energy and I think we are a council that will get along well so we are able to move city business forward without a lot of bickering,” Mayor Long said. “We're the type as a group I feel that we're a really good team and we will be able to agree to disagree and be able to go on, we may not be able to agree on everything but we will actually be able to get things done.”