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Summer delays expected at ACV

NORTH COAST- The Arcata-Eureka airport is gearing up for a summer full of delayed flights. The anticipated delays are expected for flights headed to San Francisco. SFO will shut down two of its four runways for the summer to complete a federally mandated safety project. 
Airport officials said SFO would construct new safety zones at both ends of the runways, which means all flights will use two other runways from mid-May to Sept. During the 2014 RSA runway closures, the Airport will operate exclusively on its two major runways, Runways 28L and 28R. During good weather, minor delays may occur during peak periods of traffic demand, such as 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. During bad weather, delays may be similar to those experienced during winter months.
To deal with the upcoming delays in Humboldt County, officials may adjust flight schedules. International flights may arrive at night while local flights would be brought in during the day. 
If you do have summer travel plans they suggest leaving yourself extra time between any layovers at SFO. Construction is scheduled to being May 17, and expected to last until Sept.