Sunny Brae Middle School burglarized twice last week

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Sunny Brae Middle School is out 12 computers after two separate burglaries last week.


"When I arrived at school on Wednesday morning I was walking around and noticed there was a window broken,” Principal Lynda Yoeman said. “I went in, checked the room and noticed a computer was missing,"


Yoeman said the bigger burglary occurred Thursday night. When she arrived to school on Friday, cabinets in the administration office were open. She said that made her think something wasn’t right.


“At that time we were storing our library laptops in a room in our office because our library is close to being finished in terms of our remodel," Yoeman said.


When she looked in that room and saw all eleven MAC laptops missing, she said she knew that whoever took them, knew what they were looking for.


"We’re fairly certain that information was given to an outside source or perhaps a student was involved in the break in," Yoeman said.


Yoeman said she found a shovel, which she believes the suspects used to pry open a window. Each of the laptops are valued at $1,200 and with eleven of them missing, plus the older computer, brings the total loss around $15,000 dollars.


“We’ve put out the word to the community in an array of ways with those serial numbers,” Yoeman said. “In hopes that it will make it much less— much more difficult to fence those or get rid of those."


Yoeman adds the loss of money isn’t the issue. It’s that the students don’t have laptops to use now.


"For research, typing, essays, anything that they might need,” Yoeman said. “Particularly available to those students who might not have Internet access at home."


Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-78-crime.