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'Super Wi-Fi' pilot project coming to Humboldt County Library

EUREKA- There is a new pilot project coming to the Humboldt County Library experimenting with public access to wireless internet. The library is one of six sites nationwide chosen for the trial. Humboldt County Library Director Victor Zazeuta said,
“Right now it is a very slow wireless connection that we offer and this will allow us to double what we already have.”
The new device will upgrade the internet access at the library and use what is called TV white space to provide a larger range of public wireless internet to the area. 
Zazeute said the TV white space is unused airwaves that are dedicated for television, but now the Federal Communications Commission is allowing those unused frequencies to provide internet service.
Wireless internet user Jason Plume said, “Sometimes you are in a bind for time and you need to get that information quickly.”
The TV white space will be deployed using Access Humboldt's tower at the Muni-hub, and will deliver wireless internet through barriers like trees, hills, and buildings.
"It will be a lot faster now and we will be able to handle much more users on it,” said Zazeute.