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Suspect arrested in priest slaying, parents surrender him

EUREKA- The suspect believed to be involved in the murder of Rev. Eric Freed was arrested Thursday afternoon in southern Humboldt according to the Eureka Police Department.
Currently there is no motive and detectives are calling it a crime of opportunity. Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills said, "Certainly was a rational act where he decided he needed to get or do something inside of that parsonage." Police though are still trying to piece together what exactly happened inside of the parsonage, Mills said,
"It seems to me that he [Bullock] was very purposeful in what he was doing. There is no question in our mind he's responsible for this," citing evidence recovered at the crime scene and interviews with eyewitnesses allegedly linking Bullock to Rev. Freed's death.
According to police, on New Years Eve Bullock was arrested for public intoxication and booked into the Humboldt County Jail. Less than nine hours later he was released and found wandering the area of Saint Bernard's Catholic Church.
"We contacted Mr. Bullock in the area there and talked with him and found out that he was not drunk and not incapable of taking care of himself or others” said Mills, "and that is the standard we would hold for a mental health commitment."
Bullock met those standards and was directed to an emergency shelter for the night, but around 3 a.m. officers were called back to the church regarding a suspicious person.
"A security guard found him at the same location again and talked with him,” said Mills. 
Chief Mills said the security guard drove by the church and saw the door to the restroom open, “He saw this guy and tried to shoo him away, and sometime after that [he] committed the crime.”
***UPDATE: Rev. Eric Freed's car has been recovered by authorities in the Redway area.